Why Salem State for graduate Business programs?

We’re one of the top three Massachusetts state universities ranked by total number of alumni who are CEOs.

Bertolon School of Business / MBA

No matter where you are in your professional journey, a Bertolon MBA on your résumé can take you further.

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There are many great reasons to choose Salem State’s Bertolon School of Business for your MBA.

“I study multinational business, and want to apply what I learn here to businesses in Vietnam.”

  • Dieu
  • MBA ’13
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Why Salem State for graduate Education programs?

A good graduate education program has one laboratory school. We have four.


For more than 150 years, we’ve been a respected leader in the preparation of educators and in the continuing education of established education professionals.

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There are many great reasons to choose our graduate education programs.

“Salem State’s partnerships with regional educational institutions is one reason our graduates have successful careers in education.”

  • Jay
  • M.Ed. ’06
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Criminal Justice

Why Salem State for graduate Criminal Justice programs?

We are the first school in the nation to introduce a geo-information science concentration in a criminal justice master’s program.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice department offers graduate degrees that prepare students for a variety of careers.

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There are many great reasons to choose our graduate criminal justice programs.

  • This high-quality program is designed specifically for the needs of working professionals.
  • This is a Quinn Bill-certified program for law enforcement personnel.
  • We offer concentrations in criminology, administration and geo-information science.

“The personal attention you get from faculty is great. They proactively engage you and guide you down your career path.”

  • Cassie
  • M.C.J. ’12
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Why Salem State for graduate Nursing programs?

Clinical experiences and partnerships with top hospitals and healthcare organizations in the region.


Salem State offers MSN degree programs for current registered nurses, and those pursuing nursing as a new career.

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There are many great reasons to choose Salem State for graduate programs in nursing.

  • We have partnerships with Boston metro and North Shore hospitals.
  • Our faculty and students bring experience from many disciplines into the classroom.
  • We have a great reputation among employers for producing nurses and nurse managers of the highest standards and skills.
  • Our alumni hold many of the top nursing jobs throughout Massachusetts and New England.
  • We are accredited by the Committee on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.

“Why did I choose Salem State for my master’s program? Simple—quality, reputation and value.”

  • Greg
  • MSN ’11, Nurse Manager
  • North Shore Medical Center
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Counseling & Psychology

Why Salem State for graduate Counseling & Psychology programs?

Seventy-five percent of our graduates are employed in a new position or promoted upon graduation.

Counseling and Psychology

Our program prepares you for work in a variety of settings, such as mental health facilities, psychological and social service agencies, and marriage and family counseling centers.

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There are many great reasons to choose our graduate program in counseling and psychology.

  • Our faculty members have strong research and field experience at North Shore and Boston metro agencies and sites.
  • The program can be customized to your career goals and work/life schedule.
  • Our high-quality programs focus on mental health, marriage and family therapy and industrial/organizational counseling.
  • We offer extensive practicum, clinical and internship opportunities.

“I’ve had a lot of job opportunities arise because of Salem State faculty and classmates who are working in the field throughout the region.”

  • Kerri
  • M.S.C.P. ’13
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